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Juravic Engineering was established in 1994 as one of the Educational Equipment Suppliers in Malaysia and produces its own educational & training systems known as JUARA TRAINING SYSTEM in the field of Industrial Control Technology. We are also involved in computer system integration, software training, hands on practical training, upgrading of equipment and other maintenance services.


Besides our JUARA TRAINING SYSTEM we also represents some international educational equipment suppliers; IRAI (France), P & L (Sweden) and HIFA (Sweden) to complement our product range to provide services to the local education sector.


Our JUARA products includes: Programmable Control Logic Controller(PLC)Trainers, Pneumatic & Electro-pneumatic Trainers, Sensor Trainers as well as the micro series for vocational colleges and high schools.

We conducts Practical training courses for industries such as:

- Practical Pneumatic / Electro-pneumatic

- Practical Hydraulic / Electro-hydraulic

- Practical PLC Programming (Siemens S7-1200 with TIA software)

- Practical Industrial Sensor Applications

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