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Our company is one of the Educational Equipment Suppliers in Malaysia and produces our own educational & training systems known as JUARA TRAINING SYSTEM in the field of industrial control technology. We are also involved in computer system integration, software training, equipment training, upgrading of equipment and other maintenance services.


Besides our JUARA TRAINING SYSTEM we also represents some international educational equipment suppliers; Real Games (Portugal), IRAI (France), P & L (Sweden) and Sum Teknik (Sweden) to complement our product range to provide services to the local education sector.


Our JUARA products includes: Programmable Control Logic Controller(PLC)Trainers, Pneumatic & Electro-pneumatic Trainers, Sensor Trainers as well as the micro series for vocational colleges and high schools.



IRAI products includes: Automgen Automation software for PLC programming, Automsim (fluid power circuit design and simulation)software & Virtual Universe 3D simulator. 


P & L e-Learning courses includes: Automation Basic/Continuation, Process Control Basic/Continuous, Basic Pneumatic, Basic Electricity, etc.


HIFA products includes: New Modular Concept Training Kits for Mechatronics, Control  Technology, Programmable Logic Controller, Process Control, etc.


RealGames Factory I/O is a real time automation sandbox where you can build and simulate industrial systems and use them with the most common automation technologies. This fully interactive simulation includes cutting edge physics, high quality graphics and sound, providing a realistic environment.

FACTORY I/O uses an innovative technology that allows an easy and quick creation of 3D industrial systems through a drag and drop approach. Any of the built systems can be controlled in real time by connecting FACTORY I/O to external technologies, both hardware and software.

FACTORY I/O is a valuable teaching tool for training future technicians and engineers in several programs and courses such as Industrial Automation, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation and many more.


Another company Elmec Automation was established to provide technical skills training courses for working adults in Control Technologies. Its objective was to provide hands on practical (competency) training to technicians and engineers from the industries as well as the education sectors. The company works together with the technical support and training department of Juravic Engineering Sdn. Bhd. to provide a better technical support for its products.



HRDF Claimable
Industrial Automation Training

* Siemens S7-1200 PLC with TIA Portal

* Practical Industrial Electro-pneumatic

* Practical Industrial Hydraulic

* Industrial Sensors & DAQ

S7500 accessories